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640K will be enough for anybody...

Chip Level Assembly

The input for Chip Level Assemby are the wafers coming from a Front End Factory (FE). In order to cut the wafers in separated chips the following steps are usual but can vary slightly from company to company:

  1. Laminate step: The front side of the wafer is covered with a foil and laminated.
  2. Grinding step: With a Chemical Mechanical Polishing process the wafers are grinded from the backside.
  3. Delaminate: After that the foil is removed.
  4. Wafer mounting: In the next step the wafers are attached with their backside to a foil and mounted into frames with their own identity numbers.
  5. Dicing: The mounted wafers are cut into single chips. The dicing process can be accomplished by scribing and breaking, by mechanical sawing or by laser cutting.
  6. Wire bonding: The Chips are picked from the mounted wafer and attached to a lead frame. Electrical connections between lead frame pins and chip are made
  7. Molding: The chip is covered with a polymer compound
  8. Stamp out: The components are stamped out of the lead frame.
  9. Soldering: The pins are prepared for soldering.
  10. Shape formation: The pins are formed into their final shape.

After all these steps in the Chip Level Assembly the chips are ready for a new testing procedure - Back End Test.